The search for solutions

The Planificotron can search for all the possible plannings over a determined period.
It then classifies the results it finds, in the order of the solutions closest to the set objectives.

Choose the period

The period over which a search will be launched will determine the number of plannings to be analyzed.

For long periods, when the analysis will take too long, an Express mode will make it possible to go more quickly to the first solutions.

Assign tasks

Tasks can be distributed among staff members using a table that will set limits on their attribution. The table will indicate whether or not the attributions are sufficient to meet the missions.

If the distribution is not decided in advance, the program will look for those which allow the best approach to the objectives.


It will be possible to orient the search, by setting if necessary for each staff member : the maximum and / or the minimum hours worked in the week, the maximum consecutive rest days, the maximum consecutive days worked, the maximum hours worked on consecutive days, the number of weekends worked.